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Rotten's an easy-going guy with a keen sense of humor. This really comes in handy when you're under the needle.

Rotten Ink has transitioned over to Stay True Tattoos. Same Location / Same Owner / Same Great Tattooing.

It's not easy owning your own tattoo shop, but I love tattooing and I wouldn't live my life any other way.

-Johnny Rotten-


He is a veteran tattoo artist with ten years of hard-core tattooing experience under his belt. Rotten has had an interest in art from a young age. Every Christmas, his folks gave young Johnny a drawing pad & pencil. Well, it paid off because he's been creating fantastic artwork ever since.


I have had several tattoos (works of art) done by John. The hardest thing to do is find a shop and feel like you made the right choice. Stay True Tattoos is the right one period. Tattoo therapy is the best therapy. Thanks Stay True Tattoos.
- Kevin

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Rotten has been influenced by many people in his life including: Bob Tyrell, Paul Booth, Filip Leu, Aaron Bell, and Jeff Sosque, just to name a few.

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